Have you ever wondered what the Bible
really says about sex, love and romance?
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The answer is in the Song of Solomon. Yet when you read its lyrics, their meaning is obscure. Until now! For centuries the Song has been shrouded in mystery. But now its breathtaking vision of love is unveiled.
"Readers rediscover Solomon's timeless song of love."
Publishers Weekly.    
"An absolute work of art."
Paul Meier -- medical doctor and author.
"A vision for our times."
Henry Cloud -- counselor and author.
"A must read."
Tony Evans -- minister and author.
List price: $18.99.
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~ A love to inspire you ~
Dr. Craig Glickman holds a B.A. from S.M.U., a Th.M. from Dallas Seminary, a doctorate in biblical studies from the University of Basel in Switzerland, and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from S.M.U. School of Law. For more, click here.

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Solomon's Song of Love
  • An extraordinary discovery
  • A breathtaking vision
  • A tale of dreams come true
  • A song of hope
  • To touch your heart
  • And fill your life with love

Love songs come from the heart and speak to the heart. And none can touch you more deeply than the mysterious Song of Solomon.

Dr. Paul Meier, world-renowned medical doctor, co-founder of the Minirth-Meier Clinics and New Life Clinics, and best-selling author, enthusiastically recommends this book.

"It is an absolute work of art, weaving thousands of years of wisdom together to paint a verbal portrait of the meaning of deep romantic love. From King Solomon's three thousand year old writings to songs and movies from the third millennium A.D., Craig Glickman paints a vivid word picture of emotional and sexual intimacy."
Dr. Henry Cloud, internationally famous counselor and best-selling author, encourages you to read it as well. Dr. Cloud wrote the foreword to Craig's book.
"Many couples experience only part of real intimacy," he observes. "Perhaps they have passion, but little friendship; or companionship, but no romance. If you are seeking the total experience, I urge you to read Solomon's Song of Love."
"We all need to see a relationship that 'has it all' -- what it looks like, sounds like, feels like, and does -- before we can actually create it. Solomon's Song of Love provides that kind of vision. . . a vision for our times."
Dr. Tony Evans is a pastor of six thousand, a chaplain for sixty professional athletes, a teacher broadcast in forty countries, an author of twenty books, a father of four and a romantic husband of one special woman.
"Solomon's Song of Love," he writes, "is a must read for anyone interested in love from a biblical perspective."

~ An extraordinary discovery ~

Indiana Jones may have discovered the lost ark, but Craig has uncovered Solomon's lost treasure -- the meaning of the Song of Songs.
Publishers Weekly, the most authoritative international news source for book publishing for over one hundred years, applauds the book as the work of a
"...scholar (who) has spent years studying the Song of Solomon.... Readers rediscover Solomon's timeless song of love."
Dr. Eugene Merrill, Distinguished Professor of Old Testament at Dallas Seminary, and author, calls this a breakthrough in understanding the Song.
"Solomon's Song of Love is a unique and creative work that is clear, cogent and convincing."
Dr. Warren Gage, classics and biblical scholar, professor at Knox Seminary and accomplished author, praises the insights.
"It reflects analytical skill, mature reflection, and the rare capacity for imaginative vision."
Dr. Edwin Blum, general editor of the most comprehensive translation project in several decades, the Holman Christian Standard Bible, explains why he asked Craig to evaluate Holman's own translation of the Song.
"Craig is not only a gifted translator, but a gifted interpreter as well."
More fascinating than the Da Vinci Code!

~ To awaken your dreams ~

"Poets once explained love as the work of Cupid's arrow, or the effect of magic stardust cast upon the earth. By such myth they honored the mystery of love. They knew the heart had reasons, which reason did not know.

And the heart of love revealed love not in science but in song. The best songs let them see love, and the great songs let them feel love. One song, it was rumored, had even the power to instill love. The ancient poets spoke in awe its name. The Song of Songs, they whispered.

Some believe its power still remains. And for those of us who brush time's dust from its enchanted pages, the Song still sprinkles stardust on our dreams."

List price: $18.99.
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~ Sometimes, just when you least expect it,
love gives you a dream come true ~