A reader from Newport Beach, CA, June 6, 2004.
Incredible Discoveries.

"Indiana Jones may have discovered the lost ark, but Dr. Craig Glickman has uncovered Solomon's lost treasure -- the meaning of the Song of Songs. Acting as expedition leader for this adventure, the author guides us through the Song's panorama of romantic wonder.

Buckle your seat belt for the ride! Whether by time travel to view love in ancient kingdoms -- from Sumeria to Egypt and beyond -- or by visits to the havens of poetry in Old Europe, or by excursions to Hollywood's romantic movies and love songs, you will discover secrets of the ancient world that explain the Song, and stories in the modern world that illuminate it.

If you've ever wondered what the Bible really says about sex, love and romance, you need to read this book. For centuries the Song has been shrouded in mystery. But now its breathtaking vision of love is unveiled. Love songs come from the heart and speak to the heart, and none have touched me more deeply than this mysterious Song of Solomon."

CBA Marketplace, February, 2004.

"In a society that has made sexual intercourse a recreational pastime, establishing a healthy, lifelong romantic relationship is challenging. Glickman draws inspiration from the Song of Songs, which shows the stages of romantic love. The author unwraps the language and metaphors of Solomon and his bride as he explains the cultural meaning behind images such as lotus blossoms and pomegranates. He brings the song into a modern setting and explores love's various stages and themes: the emotional discovery, initial euphoria, growing intimacy, conflict resolution, and passionate lovemaking. Readers see God's blueprint of an ideal relationship and can apply concepts to create their own beautiful, healthy love song. Since the song draws passionate pictures of lovemaking, this book is definitely for more mature readers. Glickman includes a detailed appendix on the song's design and more detailed notes on his lyrics interpretation."

Karen H Fisher from Georgetown, DE, January 21, 2004.
A "reaffirmation of knowing your heart's desire."

"This book is such a remarkable interpretation of the Song of Solomon, intertwined with real and personal stories from the author's life that help lead each new passage into the next. It is a book about true love and all that it involves. The personal glimpses the author gives us add a smile to the writing, without taking away from his original intent of interpreting The Song of Solomon. The true meaning of love and all that it entails with learning, forgiving, complete understanding and simply the gift such a wonder is, comes to life in this book. It is so well written that you can almost feel the heart and soul of the author in his words. While the story of Solomon and his true love are biblically based, this is not a book quoting scripture, and is an excellent read for the believer and non-believer alike. I recommend this book as a way of learning, and realizing, that all of us are ultimately searching for our heart's desire through true love...and that taking a break to read how true it really is just makes it all that much more enjoyable to keep dreaming and searching."

Kris Neubauer from Dallas, TX, February 9, 2004.
An Inspirational Book Guaranteed to Touch Your Life!

"No matter what your religious denomination, this book is a must read for anyone who has been, currently is, or is trying to find that elusive thing we call love. Dr. Glickman weaves stories from his own life, spanning back to childhood, together with a passage-by-passage interpretation of the Song of Solomon, in clear and concise language that unravels the mystery that is the Song of Solomon. In a wonderful blend of historical facts, personal interpretation, and soul-touching stories from his own life, the author brings to life a portion of the bible that is both beautiful and inspirational. I can not recommend this book enough for anyone who wishes to enrich their world with this life (and love) affirming book. A perfect gift for a lover, friend, family member or someone you know who needs a bit of warmeth and love brought into their hearts!"

Publishers Weekly.

"Evangelical scholar Glickman has spent years studying the Song of Solomon, an investment that becomes apparent in the intricate cultural, historical and poetic detail he shares in this book. Glickman says that the poem, purportedly written by King Solomon to his bride Shulimath in celebration of their love, is more about openness to love itself than it is about mere physical pleasure, as is sometimes assumed. Glickman wonders aloud if Solomon ever truly experienced this rare love with Shulimath, "or only glimpsed the ideals he expressed in his Song." In either case, he says, Solomon paints a vivid picture of idyllic romantic courtship and physical consummation. Glickman carefully dissects each section of the song, and invites the reader to enter in to the intimacies Solomon enjoys with Shulimath via his generous, thoughtful commentary. Citing just a few of the song's lessons, Glickman shares some of the qualities of real love: love deepens through hardships, is jump-started by mutual shared delight, is a close companion with pain, is constant, vigorous and enduring, and binds lovers to one another. Although this book is an excellent commentary on Solomon, it's not exactly the romantic "how-to" guide that seems to be promised in the subtitle. Still, Glickman's work, which concludes with a hefty section on the design and translation of this song, is sure to engage readers' minds as they rediscover Solomon's timeless song of love."

A Woman from Texas, February 28, 2004.
I Have Never Been Touched So Deeply.

"I wept when I finished Solomon's Song of Love. I have never been touched so deeply. This eloquent work of art has opened my heart to something I have not felt in quite some time. Somehow I feel so loved. I haven't even shared it all with my husband yet. I don't know if I have the words to express how I feel. I have always felt that God placed us together. Soul mates, just like Solomon and Shulamith. When I read the part where Shulamith returned to Solomon, I felt as if it was our story. I saw our lives mirrored in many places during The Song. I laughed and cried so many times. My husband is so much like Solomon with his patience, sometimes so much that I feel he doesn't care, but I know better. Just the other day he compared his love to a Robin Williams' movie where Robin went into hell to retrieve his wife. I know my husband would do the same for me. Through this book I have a renewed since of respect, love and hope in my relationship with my husband. Many times during a reading of a romance novel, I had said, boy I wish I had something like that. Reading the Song I realized I do have that! My husband and I have always held back some because of our past and protected our hearts. In reading this I have learned I can no longer hold back."

The Christian Chronicle, February 17, 2004 by John Harrison.

"Solomon's Song of Songs is an overlooked and undertaught portion of God's Word. This is a terrible oversight when, according to Glickman, the Song of Songs is a "vision of love and friendship, passion and respect, sexual and emotional intimacy - in one fulfilling relationship." Glickman offers a fresh approach to the poetry of this book. Readers will find a rejuvenated appreciation for emotions of romance, forgiveness, devotion and fulfillment that should characterize some of our deepest and most personal relationships."

Look@Books, April 13, 2004 by Gregg Cantelmo.

"Romance, passion, and intimacy. These are the landscapes of love and the longing of the heart. The Bible talks about all of these and their beauty is seen in the Song of Solomon. Craig Glickman is the leading scholar on this book of the Bible, and in this new book weaves its hidden treasures into an understandable and enjoyable display. This book provides a clear vision of what real love between and man and woman can be and what it should feel like. This work is both commentary and guide to a fuller relationship with your spouse as God intended. Solid, foundational, and a work of art, this is a book to study and apply. A "Top Shelf" (must read)!"