Appearances, Interviews, and Conferences

“Author’s Corner”: MO, et. al, KNEO-FM interview, 7/1/04

“Eye on the Future Radio”:, 11pm to 1pm, ET, 6/21/04

“Book Review”: Sonny Starr; OR; KORE-AM interview, 6/9/04

“Round the Country”: Lillian Cash; GA; WRAF-FM interview, 11:15 to 11:45 a.m, ET, 6/1/05

"Morning Break": Betty Brandhurst; IA; KNWS-AM/FM book review, 6/1/04

"Music That Matters": Roberta and Paul Hunsberger, NJ; WSNJ-AM/FM book review, 6/1/04

“Cybercity Radio”: Jack Landman; TX, KTSA-AM interview, 5/29/04

“Lou Gentile Show”: Lou Gentile; Syndicated interview; 5/21/04

“New Life Live”: Henry Cloud, Steve Arterburn; national radio interview, 5/11/04

Pine Cove Conference: Tyler, TX, Conference speaker, 5/7-9/04

“Saturday Mornings”: Melinda Schmidt; IL, WMBI-AM/FM interview, 5/1/04

“Bob Dutko Live”: Bob Dutko; MI, WMUZ-AM/FM interview, 4/28/04

“Your World”: Gregg Cantelmo; AZ, KPXQ-AM interview, 4/13/04

“Sound Off”: Jeff Pennington; TN, WZYX-AM interview, 3/26/04

“American Family Radio News”: Allie Martin; MS, AFR Network interview, 3/24/04

“Contact”: Pat Daly; OR, KDOV-FM interview; 3/23/04

“Today’s Black Woman”: Jennifer Keitt; GA, syndicated interview; 3/23/04

“Northland Notebook”: Ted Elm; MN, WWJC-AM interview, 3/17/04

“Viewpoint”: John Young; GA, WNIV-AM interview, 3/15/04

“Point and Counterpoint”: Dr. David Ingraham; VA, TN, WHCB-FM interview, 3/09/04

“Janet Parshall Show”: Janet Parshall; national; WAVA-FM interview, 2/24/04

GES Conference, Dallas, TX; Conference speaker, 2/23-26/04

CBA EXPO in Indianapolis, IN; Book signing, 2/2-4/04

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Schedule to be announced.