Author Biography

Craig Glickman holds a B.A. in philosophy from S.M.U, graduating as valedictorian and Rhodes Scholar nominee. He earned a Th.M. from Dallas Seminary, where as a student he was offered a faculty position assumed upon graduation. He earned a doctorate in biblical studies and philosophy from the University of Basel in Switzerland, where the language of instruction was German. And he earned a Doctor of Jurisprudence from S.M.U. School of Law. A student of several languages and former professor of ancient ones, Dr. Glickman is a prominent authority on the Song of Solomon.

Dr. Glickman's interest in the Song began when he was a student at Dallas Seminary, writing a masters thesis on it. Then in his final semester he wrote his first book about it. For more than twenty years since then, Craig has studied the Song periodically, always drawn back to it by unsolved puzzles that required time and reflection to solve. At the end of this process, he devoted two years to the completion of his research and the presentation of its meaning. He wanted others to hear the Song as it was intended to be heard in the first place: by people who enjoy the inspiration of a beautiful love song.

Looking back on his first book, he writes,"I'm glad it could lay a foundation for further study, and it gave many of us a glimpse of what the beauty of the Song might be. But I could not have written Solomon's Song of Love without the intervening years. Additional study was needed, of course. But so was life experience. Its joys, and also its pains, helped me listen more attentively to the message of the Song."