Press Release

Solomonís Song of Love
By Dr. Craig Glickman

Indiana Jones may have discovered the lost ark, but Dr. Craig Glickman has uncovered Solomonís lost treasure -- the meaning of the Song of Songs. And what a treasure it is!

Romance. Passion. Devotion. This is the landscape of love and the longing of our hearts. We all desire love -- to feel its emotion and power, the happiness and wholeness it brings. And nowhere is it more inspiring than in Solomonís Song of Love.

Have you ever wondered what the Bible really says about sex, love and romance? The answer is in the Song of Solomon.

Yet when you read its lyrics, their meaning is obscure.
Until now!

For centuries the Song has been shrouded in mystery. But now its breathtaking vision of love is unveiled. Hear the Song as it was heard long ago and feel its transforming power. Love songs come from the heart and speak to the heart, and none can touch you more deeply than the mysterious Song of Songs.

Inviting readers on a one-of-a-kind journey that delves deeply into the passion and challenge of love, is the mission of Solomonís Song of Love: Let the Song of Songs Inspire Your Own Romantic Story (Howard Publishing, 2004). Acting as expedition leader for this adventure, Dr. Craig Glickman guides you through the Songís panorama of romantic wonder.

Buckle your seat belt for the ride! Whether by time travel to view love in ancient kingdoms -- from Sumeria to Egypt and beyond -- or by visits to the havens of poetry in Old Europe, or by excursions to Hollywoodís romantic movies and love songs, you will discover secrets of the ancient world that explain the Song, and stories in the modern world that illuminate it.

Solomonís Song of Love is "a vision for our times," says Dr. Henry Cloud.

We all long for a love that "ďhas it all." But we often lack a clear picture of what that love might be. So we begin relationships doomed to fail or damage relationships that had great potential. How could what began with such promise conclude with such sadness? In the aftermath we experience anger, pain and doubt, wondering what went wrong. We always need a vision of what love was meant to be, but especially in moments like this. Solomonís Song of Love provides that vision of love. And especially for those who are hurting, it displays the Songís healing grace in ways never before explained.

"Solomonís Song of Love is an absolute work of art," says Dr. Paul Meier.

Finally! One of the most beautiful and mysterious books of the Bible is displayed for all to see. And it is done with simplicity and beauty as the author unveils the meaning of the Song of Solomon in romantic, poetic prose. Yet behind this delightful presentation is a lifetime of study and scholarship, three special appendices, including interpretive notes, and the authorís fresh translation of the Song, published here for the first time.

"Readers rediscover Solomonís timeless song of love," writes Publishers Weekly.

Elegantly written, Solomonís Song of Love portrays a "fascinating, captivating love so beautiful that it breaks through even Solomonís lust for power and pleasure." The love is also so strong that no difficulties cast doubt on the loversí devotion. Yes, even this Song of ideal love presents the need to work through conflict, and the lovers show how to do so.

Now you can see the kind of relationship you most want. "The lovers of the song help us see not just what our partners should be like, but what our relationships should feel like: the role of emotion, longing, and sexual attraction; the foundation of friendship, respect, and commitment; the experience of intimacy, certainty, and forgiveness."

"Unforgettable images. Irresistible beauty. Undeniable insight. The Song of Solomon and Shulamith. It is a story of love to inspire us and a vision of love to guide us. A gift from their hearts to ours."

Solomonís Song of Love... one incredible discovery!
"A must read" - Dr. Tony Evans.