Interview Questions

Solomonís Song of Love
By Dr. Craig Glickman

  1. The Song of Solomon has always been shrouded in mystery and controversy. Through a lifetime of study and research you have uncovered its beauty in Solomonís Song of Love and even produced a fresh translation that best captures its meaning. What created all the mystery and confusion about the Song in the first place?

  2. What are some of the discoveries that culminated in unlocking the meaning of the Song?

  3. How can something composed so long ago transcend time, as well as culture, to offer us something relevant to our lives today?

  4. Most of us long for a love that lasts a lifetime. But too often our relationships end in disappointment. Can the Song of Solomon, as you say, really help us achieve the best of romantic love?

  5. How do the lovers in the Song help us see not just what our partners should be like, but what our relationships should feel like?

  6. You write, "Many regard it as the greatest love song ever written. In fact, thatís why they call it the Song of Songs. It shouldnít surprise us that its lyrics can still speak to us today. Since they arose from the heart, they will always speak to the heart." What do you mean?

  7. What do you mean in saying that the theories of love change frequently, but the hearts of lovers remain the same?

  8. What are some of the themes that are portrayed in the Song?

  9. How is the origin of the Song "almost a miracle in itself?"

  10. Weíve all made mistakes in seeking love. How does Solomonís Song of Love give us hope?

  11. The ultimate source of the romantic love in the Song is described as the "flame of the Lord." What is meant by this?

  12. How does the Song of Solomon integrate with Christian faith?

  13. Talk with us a little about Godís grace and how that is explored within the context of this love story.

  14. Why is deep respect often "the most overlooked ingredient in the recipe for healthy romance?" How do Solomon and Shulamith convey their respect to one another?

  15. In Solomonís Song of Love you write, "Ideal love will have the balance that Solomon and Shulamith possess "a love that is complete." Please elaborate, and tell us why balance is so hard to find.

  16. It takes time to build and nurture a relationship and there are phases of growth to experience. How does the Song demonstrate this truth?

  17. Even when Solomon and Shulamith encounter trials, they never lose sight of their devotion to each other. What are some of the problems Solomon and Shulamith must overcome in their relationship?

  18. How is Shulamithís reconciliation with Solomon a defining moment in their life together?

  19. You mention in your book that Solomon and Shulamith contradict contemporary stereotypes of romantic love. Why is this so, and what stereotypes are you talking about?

  20. Explain the meaning of "Great love includes not only passionate romance but also heartfelt friendship."

  21. You write, "Shulamith knows her husband as brother, teacher, lover, and friend. The easy transition from one role to the next in these lyrics implies a sensitivity and responsiveness that enable each to meet the otherís particular need of the moment." Share the significance of this.

  22. What is meant by the statement, "True love is two priceless gifts?"

  23. How might someone acquire a copy of Solomonís Song of Love: Let the Song of Songs Inspire Your Own Romantic Story?